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The Byrd Family

My family - Sharon my wife of 21 years and my mother Former Manatee County School Board Member Ruby Byrd

We Are District 2!

Manatee County School Board District 2 has a chance to decide who will better represent them in 2022. This will not be an "At-Large Vote" this time. Let your voices be heard!

We Are District 2​

My Public School Education started and concluded all at Manatee County District 2 Schools. In 1964 it started at the former Bradenton Elementary School which was before a Desegregation Plan was acted upon in Manatee County.  

We Are Di​strict 2

Later attended Manatee Elementary as part of a voluntary desegregation program in Manatee County - Still in District2

We Are District 2

My last year was spent at Memorial Elementary in Palmetto. All 6th graders were at either Bradenton​ Elementary or Lincoln Memorial - both in District 2. The late Gov. Claude R. Kirk Jr. of Florida ordered pupils in Manatee County to ignore an integration, plan approved lase week by the Supreme Court and personally assumed control of the county's school system. 

We Are District 2

Widespread racial desegregation of Florida's public schools, including those in Volusia County, was finally achieved in the fall of 1970, but only after the Supreme Court set a firm deadline and Governor Claude Kirk's motion to stay the Court's desegregation order was rejected.

Finally I attended Southeast High School in District 2 and graduated midterm and received several scholarships in order to finish my education.