I Have My Work Cut Out for Me

Leadership, Education, and Experience

I am running for Mayor of Bradenton, Florida, a city is poised to make great strides in the areas of redevelopment and the provision of economic development opportunities and jobs. The city has taken significant steps in achieving these goals.

It is my desire to provide the necessary leadership, education, and experience to bring these things to fruition. In an effort to be better prepared as a decision-maker, I have worked to obtain certification by The Florida Redevelopment Association as a Certified Redevelopment Professional.

We need committed, honest, and competent leadership to make this happen for the city. To compliment a Law degree, I have obtained a Masters of Public Administration degree focusing on Public Policy and Public Administration. 

Areas I Would Like to Focus On

Redevelopment and Revitalization of Our Neighborhoods

By utilizing the same energy and focus used in the redevelopment of our downtown initiatives, we will be able to help our neighborhoods. This will include housing rehabilitation, the establishment of achievable objectives for workforce, millennial housing, and homeless issues.

Public Safety

Advocate and work towards establishing a Citizen Review Board to review and provide insight to reforms of the Police Department policies. Provide and allocate the necessary tools and resources for the protection of our citizens.

Continued Growth

During the economic downturn, I have had the opportunity to represent a city with manageable growth, strong law enforcement, and public safety with reasonable taxes. During that time, tough city council decisions were made but Bradenton remained financially sound.

We have all made Bradenton a great place to live, work, raise a family, and retire. I am grateful to the citizens for their support over the years and will strive to work tirelessly over the next term. 

Economic Development

Provide the additional tools necessary to attract businesses and jobs to our city.

Help Me Make This Possible

You can help this grassroots campaign move forward by providing financial support, placing a yard sign, or volunteering on a committee. Please feel free to call me at (941) 803-0685 or mail to:

Harold E Byrd, Jr. Campaign

1502 14th Street East

Bradenton, FL 34208

Public Improvements

Ensure continuous efforts to improve city infrastructure and streets.

Find Everything You Need

Check out my website regularly for campaign updates. The Harold E. Byrd, Jr. campaign is focused on providing the necessary information for the important decision in selecting the next Mayor in Bradenton this coming November. 

Upcoming Events