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The Harold E. Byrd Jr. campaign for the mayoralty post in Bradenton, Florida can meet with success only through your support as well-meaning citizens. I would like to have you with me in the various events lined up leading to the polls this November. Together, we can make Bradenton a great city for everyone.

Campaign and City News

Council Corner: Ward 2 Gene Brown

Let The Citizens Decide!

Citizen Review in Bradenton is a Choice! Good government is effective and efficient or in simpler terms utilizing the fewest resources in the full production of intended result. We should always strive for the best government we can. 

Our present charter has served this city for many years the questions proposed for citizen approval are can we make it better? For us to understand the questions proposed for the citizens we must fully understand the history behind charter review or changes. The issue was last addressed in 1999 in a race between a strong 20-year mayor and a challenger supported by the “Take Back Bradenton” movement. Supporters declared that the powers of the mayor should be changed. Efforts were made to review charter and the form of government.

However, the support changed soon after the current mayor lost to the new Mayor Wayne Poston. The efforts to change charter soon fizzled out and issue never came about until citizens questioned oversight and authority over police department 20 years later. The simple ballot questions not only clarify issues within the charter but also asked the citizens whether they wanted to limit powers of the mayor and delegate that authority to city council. City council cannot do this without the citizens approving by referendum. So here we are almost 21 years later asking the same questions.

Council Corner: Ward Four, Bill Sanders

Important Dates to Remember


9:00 A.M. Wednesday May 20, 2020

City Hall Council Chambers - 1005 Barcarotta Boulevard


8:30 A.M. Wednesday May 27, 2020

City Hall Council Chambers - 1005 Barcarotta Boulevard

Manatee County Democratic Party - Pizza and Politics

June 8, 2020 @6:00 P.M. - Zoom

Qualifying for City Council and Mayor - Noon June 8 - Noon June 12

Manatee County Democratic Party - Zoom Candidates Night

June 11th @ 6:00 PM

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